1967 50 years of Music in Fife 2017

Alongside are the faces of our hard-working Committee.  They have been together for some time and likely to remain so in the future - we hope!


Fife Electronic Organ Society was originally named The Hammond Organ Society, and had its home base in Kirkcaldy.  It was started in the mid-sixties by a small group of enthusiasts who met on a regular basis to enjoy the wonderful sounds produced by instruments which at that time were considered to be in a league of their own.

At that time all Society meetings were held in local hotels with Vice-President, Bill McIntosh, owner of Edinburgh Organ Studio, providing and transporting the organs to Kirkcaldy. This continued for many years, during which time Society members were entertained by such international stars as Hubert Selby, George Blackmore and Keith Beckingham.  With the arrival of other organ manufacturers on the scene it was deemed necessary to change the Society's name to Kirkcaldy and District Organ Society rather than appearing to be associated with one manufacturer.

Although the Society survived throughout the seventies, membership was low compared with today's organisation.  In 1982 the Society was fortunate to enlist the help of new member, George Wilson, who had a wealth of experience as a committee member of a large organ society in the Midlands, having a number of contacts who played on the organ circuit at that time.  It was decided by the then committee that if the Society was going to survive it had to be more ambitious and attract more members by engaging first class organists.  It was decided to change the name again to its current title and also to move venue to The Lomond Centre, Glenrothes.  The Society also managed to get on a sound financial footing by running a prize draw with an organ being the first prize, a fair proportion of the proceeds going to benefit a number of local charities.  This really was the turning point in terms of success for the Society with membership numbers increasing rapidly each year.  As the membership increased, so the facilities at The Lomond Centre were outgrown.   After much investigation it was decided to move to The Glenwood Centre at Glenwood High School, Glenrothes which appeared to be ideal for the Society's requirements, having a proper auditorium and a stage with theatre style lighting, which was a vast improvement on some of the previous venues.

After 20 years at the Glenwood High School it was decided it was time for a change and in 2013 we relocated to the St. Columbas' Church in Glenrothes Town Centre. This new venue has more parking space available as well as excellent acoustics, to the delight of our audiences and visiting artistes. A map of the area showing the church can be found on our Find Us page.

The aims and objectives of Fife Electronic Organ Society are to "promote and encourage interest in organ music and the appreciation thereof".   We hope we achieve this by engaging top class artistes to entertain our members and many visitors alike and cultivating friendships between people who have a common interest in listening to and playing "middle of the road music" on electronic organ.

The Society has nearly 100 members and has remarkable success which we could only dream of over 40 years ago.  This is due to the tremendous efforts made by many individuals too many to mention, with their input in making the Society the successful organisation it is today.  All visitors are offered a warm welcome.




George Gibb


Ian Thomson
Printing & General Duties



Richard Bower





Jack Graham
Vice Chairman/Publicity

Nicola Penny
Artist Booking Co-ordinator

Margaret Foster

Ann Dick
Social Raffle Co-ordinator